Why I take pride in being Autistic

Two simple reasons:

  1. Because I can’t change the fact that I’m Autistic. Might as well embrace it and work with it.
  2. To challenge the belief that autism should be something to be ashamed of and hidden at all costs.

To be clear, just because I take pride in being Autistic, doesn’t mean that I see autism as a “superpower” or “gift”.

Autism is a disability that can come with many challenges. I don’t want to downplay that.

But that doesn’t mean it’s a “wrong” way of being.

My pride is mostly a reaction against negative preconceived notions about autism and Autistic people.

Also, according to Devon Price’s “Unmasking Autism”, proudly owning your disability has its benefits:

coming out proudly about one’s disability and presenting it as a valuable part of one’s identity helped reduce self-stigma’s impact

In general, most research does show that proudly owning one’s disability can have a big impact on how people feel—and it can change the attitudes of the neurotypical people around us.

Devon Price, Unmasking Autism

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