If you can’t fix it, feature it

If you can’t fix it, feature it.

Came across this phrase and it made me think. Is it possible to reframe my “deficits” (or negative labels people have given me) as assets? (And not in an “autism is a superpower!” way, more like a “fuck you if you think I’m broken” way.)

Here’s what I came up with so far:

  • Sensitive → Perceptive, compassionate
  • Blunt → Honest, straightforward, doesn’t beat around the bush
  • Obsessive and restrictive interests → Deeply passionate, highly knowledgeable
  • Awkward → Authentic
  • Rigid → Consistent, principled
  • Quiet → Introspective/self-aware, thinks before speaking
  • Weird/Unusual → Unique, thinks outside the box

Of course, these are just how I would personally reframe them. You may use different words to reframe yours even if we share the same “deficits”.

What do you think? How would you reframe your “deficits” or negative labels?

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