AI tools for ADHDers & Autistics: is a collection of AI-powered tools designed to help Neurodivergents tackle challenging and overwhelming tasks. The best part? It’s free! Read on for an overview of all the tools!

Magic ToDo

This tool helps you break down a big task into smaller tasks.

Screenshot of Magic ToDo page


This tool rephrases your words into a different tone/style. (e.g. more formal, more informal, less emotional, more passionate)

Screenshot of Formalizer page

The Judge

This tool analyses your text and tells you how it might come across in terms of emotional tone.

Screenshot of The Judge page


This tool estimates how long it might take to do a particular activity.

Screenshot of Estimator page


Brain dump all your thoughts into this tool and it’ll try to turn your text into a list of tasks.

Screenshot of Compiler page

The Chef

List down all the ingredients you have and this tool will suggest a dish you can make.

Screenshot of The Chef page

The tools are pretty amazing! However, do keep in mind that the AI models used are general-purpose and the results they give may not always be accurate. Use your own judgment to decide if the results you get from the tools work for you!

Mobile apps of these tools are also available at a low price, to help cover the cost of running and maintaining the website.

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