My secret weapon for hyperfocus

I have a Spotify playlist that I listen to whenever I really need to focus on a task. It’s a playlist of songs I find stimmy by my favourite artist, Mike Patton.

Check out the videos below to get an idea of some of the interesting sounds he makes with his voice! (You might want to lower your volume first!)

(WARNING: Video below has some flashing)

His music definitely isn’t for everyone! But I love it. His music sounds like the inside of my AuDHD brain. Listening to it clears my head and makes my brain happy (even though it probably sounds messy and chaotic to most people). I made a playlist of my favourite stimmy songs by him and it works wonders in getting me into a hyperfocus state!

I doubt my playlist would work the same for every Autistic/ADHD person. But maybe you have your own stimmy songs (or other stuff) that make your brain happy! You could try to find ways to incorporate them into your daily life like I did.

If you’re curious about my playlist, you can check it out here:

A little shop update

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