How I deal with impostor syndrome and rejection sensitivity

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(Full disclosure: I stole this idea from the bullet journal community.)

I keep a log of compliments I’ve received in a note-taking app on my phone. It could be paraphrased quotes of things people have said to me, or screenshots of emails and messages. I also note down the dates I received those compliments.

I don’t just write down every single compliment I’ve received. I only record compliments that make me feel good about myself (e.g. compliments on a project I’m proud of, compliments on an outfit I love wearing).

I take a look at my compliment log whenever I’m experiencing impostor syndrome or rejection sensitivity. It serves as tangible evidence that I’m not a complete failure in life, even if I feel like one at the moment.

It’s super easy for me to remember all the negative comments I’ve received and embarrassing shit I’ve done. My compliment log is a tool for me to remember more of the good stuff.

How to start a compliment log

If you think that this might probably work for you, try starting a compliment log today! Use whatever format you like, be it a physical notebook or your favourite note-taking app.

If you can’t think of any compliments to write for now, start by writing down things you’ve done that you’re personally proud of. It doesn’t matter if it’s a “big” thing (like completing a big project) or a “small” thing (like remembering to brush your teeth). All that matters is that you’re proud of yourself for doing it.

You could also write down qualities you have that you’re proud of (e.g. honesty, creativity, non-judgmental).

After that, whenever you receive a compliment (that makes you feel good about yourself), remember to record it in your compliment log! And remember to take a look at your log whenever you’re experiencing impostor syndrome or rejection sensitivity.

It’s okay if this “life hack” doesn’t work for you. Everyone is different and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for things like this. Keep trying out different things until you find something that works for you!

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