My Autistic Survival Kit: FREE customisable mini-zine!

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Here’s a new free printable I created:

Cover of My Autistic Survival Kit mini-zine

It’s a customisable mini-zine containing these pages:

  1. Things I Can’t Leave Home Without
  2. My Support System
  3. My Comfort Items
  4. My Safe Foods
  5. Self-Care Reminders
  6. Write down your own self-care reminders, tips and affirmations here.
  7. Draw or paste a picture of your special interest (or anything that makes you happy) here!

Download My Autistic Survival Kit here and print it out or fill it out digitally!

Here’s a video tutorial on how to fold the mini-zine after printing it out (no stapler required!):

Feel free to send me pictures of your personalised Autistic Survival Kit (don’t forget to blur out any private/sensitive info!) via email or Instagram, or share them with the hashtag #MyAutisticSurvivalKit

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