Free online resources for Autistics

Here are some awesome free resources I found online that I think would be very useful to Autistics!

Embrace Autism tests

Free online autism tests for those just beginning their diagnosis journey.

Screenshot of Embrace Autism tests webpage

You feel like shit: An Interactive Self-Care Guide

A self-care guide in the form of a “choose your own adventure” game.

Screenshot of You feel like shit: An Interactive Self-Care Guide webpage

Collection of AI tools designed to help Neurodivergents tackle challenging and overwhelming tasks. Read my blog post about

Screenshot of webpage


AI email writing assistant. Never stress over writing emails again!

Screenshot of GhostWrite webpage

Interview Warmup

Practice answering questions for a job interview and this website will give you insights (not grades) about your answers!

Screenshot of Interview Warmup webpage

Manual of Me

Self-advocacy tool for the workplace. Create a document that helps your colleagues understand how to work best with you.

Screenshot of Manual of Me webpage


Gamified habit and productivity app. Turn your life into a video game!

Screenshot of Habitica webpage
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