How to set goals for the new year (that you’ll actually achieve!)

Just wanted to share some practical and no-BS tips that have worked for me. The tips here are inspired by my strategies from “How I get shit done (or at least get started) while having executive functioning challenges”.

Find your why

Why is achieving this goal important to you? Write down your reasons (they don’t have to be grandiose, they can be as simple as “because it makes me feel good!”) and place them somewhere you can see every day or whenever you feel unmotivated.

Your reasons may change over time too, so be sure to update your list when they do.

Keep it simple

Don’t get too ambitious. Simplify your goal as much as possible so that you’re less likely to get overwhelmed.

For example, I plan to practice bass guitar for at least 5 minutes daily. If I can practice for more than 5 minutes on some days, that’s great! But if I can only do 5 minutes on other days, that’s perfectly fine too.

Half-ass it on bad days

Not every day will be a perfect day for you. Prepare a half-assed version of your goal for bad days. (Because half-assing is better than not making any progress at all!)

For example, if I have days when I’m too tired to pick up my bass, I’ll just read or watch videos on bass and music theory.

Hold yourself accountable

Keep a log (e.g. journal, calendar) to track the progress of your goal.

You could also tell your family/friends about your goal (or post about it online, like I’m doing right now) and ask them to check in on your progress every now and then.

Feel free to share your 2024 goals with me! Maybe we could form a little accountability group.

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